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François-Joseph Ruggiu





           The Research Group « Les écrits du for privé en France de la fin du Moyen Age à 1914 »



           The Groupe de Recherches CNRS – n° 2649 « Les écrits du for privé en France de la fin du Moyen Age à 1914 » exists since 2003 and will last until 2010.


A Groupe de Recherches is a light structure gathering academics from a wide number of Research Centers in order to develop collaborations on a precise theme and with specific and clearly stated missions.


Its budget is around 9000 euros per year (for 8 years maximum).


He counts around forty members among them twenty are regular and active. Pr. Jean-Pierre Bardet and Pr. François-Joseph are running it with the help of an informal board of colleagues including Pr. Sylvie Mouysset (University of Toulouse – Le Mirail) ; Pr. Scarlett Beauvalet (University of Amiens) ; Pr. René Favier (University of Grenoble) ; Pr. Michel Cassan (University of Limoges) ; and Pr. Philippe Martin (University of Nancy).


It has established partnerships especially with the Direction des Archives de France

which is the national body supervising all the French archives network, but also with the Bibliothèque nationale de France where a huge number of texts is kept.


The Groupe de Recherches has one mission : to make a census and a presentation on a website ( of all the egodocuments kept in French public depositories that is public archives in each departements and public libraries (in Paris and the main provincial towns). We have taken our inspiration from other European projects


Besides this mission, the Groupe de Recherches supports the research about egodocuments

-          Organizing seminars : Paris, 2002 – Au plus près du secret des cœurs ? Nouvelles lectures historiques des écrits du for privé ; Limoges, 2005 – Les écrits du for privé. Objets matériels, objets édités ; Paris, 2006, Les écrits du for privé en Europe du Moyen Age à l’époque contemporaine. Recenser, Analyser, Editer.

-          Funding publications of texts and of studies : S. Mouysset or Philippe Meyzie ; V. Larcade, C. Le Mao, R. Favier, Dominique Margnat…

-          Giving money for scientific missions.

-          Envisioning the creation of a « virtual library » of texts – we have already put on line transcriptions of several types of documents : private diaries mainly